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3M 4255 A2 P3 Half Mask Respirator

The 3M 4255 half mask respirator is part of the hugely popular 3M 4000 Series, these reusable masks are maintenance free and ready to use which makes them the most convenient dust masks on the market. Designed to sit comfortably on the face with adjustable head cradle and neck straps, while at the same time providing high performance and P3 protection against A2 organic gases, vapours and particulates. The 3M 4000 Series masks are super easy, just attach to your face and start working, the built in filters means you don't have to keep changing them.

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Integral construction respirator designed for effective and comfortable protection against many organic, vapours and combination particulate hazards found throughout industry.

  • One piece carbon filter elements with built-in P1 or P2 filters with low breathing resistance.
  • A soft, low profile face piece for added comfort and peripheral vision.
  • Efficient parabolic valve to reduce heat and moisture build-up to provide easier breathing.
  • An adjustable head cradle assembly and easy to fasten neck strap.
  • Ready-to-use, maintenance-free half mask designed for effective and comfortable protection.
  • Low profile design for better peripheral vision.
  • Soft, non-allergenic material with textured face seal.
  • Exhalation valve centrally positioned for effective removal of heat and moisture.
  • Respirators can be used until damaged, particulate filters clog or gas filters become saturated.Often disposed of after one month.
  • FFA2P3R D protects against organic vapours, up to 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) or 5000 ppm whichever is lower and 20 x WEL for particulates
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