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Tyvek Classic Xpert Type 5/6 Coverall

Tyvek are the market leaders in the provision of disposable painting coveralls, and the Tyvek Classic Xpert is the most widely used coverall within the range.

The Classic Xpert type 5/6 suit offers unique technology whereby the fibres of breathable material are smashed using laser, creating a material that is lightweight, strong and breathable, but at the same time through this unique process it becomes waterproof and particle proof, making it eminently suitable for paint, powder coat, lead and nuclear dust proof.

At RS Blastech we also offer alternatives in the "Pro" or "Flame Retardant" disposable paint coveralls if your application does not require the highest possible specification - please do not hesitate to enquire for pricing and advice on both ranges.

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Available in all sizes ranging from Small through to XXXL.

Conforms to all relevant industry standards including EN1149-5:2008 lint free and ant-static, making it suitable for cleanroom applications.  Please see the Technical Specifications tab for further technical information.

Available in quantities of 100, and we offer a mix of any size from small through to XXXL within the 100 off quantities.

Discounts available for purchasing in quantities of 1000 or more.

Wide range of accessories to compliment this coverall, including gloves, boot covers, face masks etc.  Click on the "Contact" page and leave your details to make an enquiry regarding these accessories.

Premium Cat III Type 5 & 6 coverall.

Anti-static to meet EN1149-5:200.

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