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RPB L4 LED Blast Light

Blasting in dark, confined spaces can be difficult and dangerous for operators, so it is important to ensure that they have the proper equipment to allow them to work effectively and safely.

The L4 Light from RPB makes awkward blasting in darkness a thing of the past. The light mounts directly onto the Nova 3 Respirator and provides a steady, highly concentrated output of light exactly where you need it.

Ideal for blasting in tanks and other confined spaces where there is low light, the L4 light offers an alternative to nozzle lights and directs the light directly into the operator’s field of vision so they can see exactly what they’re doing.


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Mounts directly onto RPB Nova 3 Helmet.

Up to 900 lumens of light output using 4 high powered LEDs.

Five different light settings.

Long lasting LI-ion battery provides up to 24 hours blasting from a single charge and attaches to your a/c belt.

Batteries can be recharged in 3-4 hours.

Replaceable outer lenses.

Made from durable materials designed to handle harsh blast environments.

Cable feeds through the cape to connect to battery pack.

Low profile design means minimum protrusion from helmet.

Streamline design makes it easy for use inside tanks and other confined spaces.

Available either as 4 hour light or 8 hour light at full power.

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