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R-Tex High Noise Communication Headset

Communicate Effortlessly and safely with your fellow blasters, pot tenders and team members, without having to stop what you're doing.

The RPB R-Tex high noise headset is designed for operators not using a respirator, such as a pot tender or a supervisor. The headset features an NRR rating of 23 DBA and is also noise cancelling. The R-Tex High Noise Headset allows you to communicate with blasters that have internal communication in there Nova 1, Nova 2000 or Nova 3 blast helmets. This headset is also known as the pot man communication headset. Helping to increase productivity and teamwork amongst blasters.

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The Wireless communication system being the internal talk kits for Nova helmets and pot man headsets are ideal for users in remote locations such as crews in tanks, shipyards, water towers, petrochemical plants, offshore Oil & Gas and any area that is difficult to access/communicate with. This effortless communication between actual blasters and those controlling the system offers user features that inlcude push-to-talk simplicity, a noise cancelling microphone, multiple harness options and pillow foam padding. The ultimate solution to increase productivity and safety providing user comfort and peace of mind.

Available as R-Tex Headset only or complete with Push-To-Talk (PTT) set up.

If you require a Intrinsically Safe Communication Headset, use the Raider High Noise Intrinsically Safe Headset.

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