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KUBE Modular Finishing Solutions


Convenient, compact, quick and  affordable


The KUBE Modular Finishing Solutions range was born out of a desire to see companies operating in the blast and spray fields to be able to setup equipment and be operating quickly with the minimum amount of disruption.

Based around the principles of portability, speed of erection, the absence of recycle pits, bright lighting and high volume extraction, the KUBE range offers all the benefits of the best blast and spray facilities available to the industry, but with less overhead and time involved. Our KUBE modular finishing solutions range bridges the gap, providing a complete manufactured KUBE package, allowing companies to grow faster, reduce operating costs and expand their product offering/solution to their clients.

Whether you would like to use our BlastKUBE 20 as your introduction to blasting, our SprayKUBE 40 as your introduction to coating, or whether you wish to have us install a bespoke blast room with full recovery floor, all without a pit, we can help you achieve your objectives swiftly and within budget. Whatever your ambitions are, we apply the same KUBE philosophy throughout.

By letting our in-house technical team design a control box that sequences all elements of your installation in the exact way you require, by letting our contract team work out indicative savings on your existing method of operation and by letting our technical representatives visit you to discuss and study your application in detail, we can ensure that you will receive a cost effective installation that is right for you and that will provide great return on investment for years to come.



The KUBE range includes the following equipment:


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