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Schmidt Amphiblast Mobile Wet and Dry Blast Unit

The Schmidt amphiblast mobile wet and dry blast unit is suitable for both wet and dry blasting with two man outlets available and saves you purchasing or hiring up to four individual machines.

Made in the USA and with Schmidt being world renowned for providing the highest quality and most efficient blast products available, the system comes top of its class for a combined wet and dry unit.

Seen here as a two man outlet unit, this provides fantastic project speed possibilities and is also available in a single outlet version.

With a capacity that is far larger than its competitors, this machine wins hands down on productivity for your company.

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The abrasive is stored dry on the unit and is only mixed with the water at the thompson valve, advanced technology that saves time and ensures that the abrasive is consistently mixed with the water.

A massive 300 litre water tank on the single outlet machine and 625 litre water tank on the twin outlet machine ensures that stops to refill the water tank are kept to a minimum.  No abrasive is stored in this tank, so where some machines will state 200 litres for instance, they would be 200 L of water and abrasive mixed. The Schmidt amphiblast is 300 L or 625 L of water only, with the abrasive kept separately.

The Schmidt amphiblast can be used for dry abrasive blast or wet abrasive blast, saving you from the need to have both types of machine on hand, and with two outlets available on it this potentially saves having four machines in total.

Schmidt announces the most versatile abrasive blasting system on the market today. The AmphiBlast gives you the unique ability to wet blast or dry blast, ALL IN ONE UNIT! Available in single outlet or multiple outlet units, the AmphiBlast makes it easy to switch between wet or dry abrasive blasting. Multiple outlet units give you the option of wet blasting AND dry blasting at the same time. The AmphiBlast also provides the capability of blow down and wash down. With M.I.S.T.™ (Moisture Injection Schmidt Technology), Schmidt gives you a wet blast/dry blast system that uses minimal water, allows for a wide range of abrasives, and a broad range of blasting pressures. Reliable and high performance Schmidt technology at its finest.

Wet blast or dry blast with a single unit
Minimal water usage. (Internal tests show less than one pint (1/2 liter) per minute)
Industry leading productivity from Schmidt abrasive air blasting technology 
Multiple outlet capability
Wide range of blasting pressure capabilities
Wide range of suitable abrasives
Precise control of water consumption

Single or dual outlet for one or two operatives.


127 L or 184 L dry abrasive capacity (depending on whether dual or single outlet)

300 L or 625 L water capacity (depending on whether dual or single outlet)

Single outlet overall size 1,474 mm x 965 mm x 1,425 mm

Dual outlet overall size 2,210 mm x 965 mm x 1,650 mm

385kg empty weight for single and 614 kg empty weight for dual outlet models.

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