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Bresle Patches .

The Bresle Patches will allow you to extract for analysis, soluble contaminants from a blast-cleaned surface regardless of shape (flat or curved) and its orientation (facing in any direction, including downwards).



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Many coatings fail due to salts such as chlorides and sulphates contaminating the surface prior to the coating application. This contamination can be tested quickly and simply using the Bresle Test.

The Bresle Patches are manufactured to the highest quality with a new latex free elastomer that contains no chlorides, and are guaranteed to adhere to blast-cleaned surfaces and not leak.

When high adhesion strength Patches are required for testing on very corroded or coarse-grade blasted steel, the Bresle Patches Plus are available as an alternative to the Standard Bresle Patches.

Enables operatives to acheive the following standards;



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