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Whirling Hygrometer

The Whirling Hygrometer or psychrometer is a established and well-known method for determining the relative humidity and if there is any moisture on steel prior to painting.

This tool is one of the most economic methods of monitoring relative humidity and dew point.



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Easy to use, rotate the Whirling Hygrometer rapidly in order to achieve the required air movement around the thermometer bulbs.

One thermometer bulb is exposed to the ambient air temperature, providing the dry bulb reading. The other thermometer bulb, which is kept wet with the aid of a fabric sleeve and built in water reservoir, provides the wet bulb temperature.

The relative humidity and dew point can now be calculated using the tables provided. Used in conjunction with the Dewpoint Calculator, it will allow easier calculations of the relative humidity and dew point.

Supplied in a Foam-Filled Carrying Case with 3 Spare Wicks.

The Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra. The Certificate is supplied as hard copy and is available online through the Calibration Portal via our website.

The Calibration Portal lists all your equipment calibrated by Paint Test Equipment, showing the renewal dates and enabling Calibration Certificates to be viewed at any time.

Please contact us via telephone or on the contact page of this website to get your link to the online portal.

Complies with International Standards: BS 2842 and ASTM E 337-B.

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