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Dewpoint Meter

The Dewpoint Meter enables testing for the estimation of the probability of condensation on a surface to be painted and establishing whether conditions at the job site are suitable for painting or not.


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Relative humidity of the air and the steel surface temperature are the basis for the estimation of the probability of condensation.

The steel surface temperature generally should be at least 3°C above the dew point when paints are applied.

Measurements of relative humidity, dew point and ambient temperature are shown on a split display at the touch of a button. Surface temperature and surface temperature proximity to dew point are shown when using the surface temperature sensor.

The filter on the Sensor provides Sensor protection against dust and high air velocity.

Supplied in an industrial foam-filled Carrying Case with a Humidity Sensor and Surface Temperature Probe.

Calibration available through our online portal.  Please contact us to set up your link to the online portal.

Interchangeable Humidity Sensor and Surface Temperature Probe allow the user to replace damaged or out-of-calibration-date Sensor and Probe.

Allows operatives to acheive the following standards;



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