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Deadman Control System - BAABS

The Blasting Accessory and Assist Bracket System, was created with operator comfort in mind. Abrasive blasting is a physically demanding job.

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• System includes the Trigger G3 deadman which shares many of the concepts and components of the Schmidt G2 to provide timeproven safety and reliability
• Safety tab prevents trigger activation until actuated with thumb
• Trigger guard provides additional trigger protection
• Redundant self-locking latch ensures the base stays secure around blast hose

• Improved ON and OFF pneumatic response over the already quick Schmidt G2 deadman
• Optional patent pending two function trigger (electric or pneumatic) enables seamless and effortless secondary function such as abrasive cutoff or ASAP 2.0

• Reduction of blaster fatigue through increased comfort will promote longer sustained blasting resulting in more blast nozzle on time per shift
• Allows blasters to comfortably manage greater thrust produced by a higher blast nozzle pressure
• General rule assumes 1.5% productivity gain with each psi increase in blast nozzle pressure

• Can be easily and quickly be retrofitted onto common size and quality brand of blast hoses
• Clamshell base allows blast hose to swivel while preventing longitudinal sliding
• The Thrust Management Brace Assembly can quickly be configured for left- or right-handed operation

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