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Poly-Clad BP200 SiAON Blast Nozzles

BP200 SiAION Nozzles offer service life and durability similar to tungsten carbide (as per the table below), but are only about half the weight.  BP200 SiAION nozzles are an excellent choice when operators are on the job for long perios and prefer a lightweight nozzle.

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Wide Throat Nozzles feature a large entry throat and a large, diverging exit bore.  

When matched with the same size (or larger) hose these nozzles can provide a 15% increase in productivity over nozzles with a narrower throat.

Being polyurethane clad rather than aluminium clad means not only a lightweight nozzle, but also this material absorbs the shocks and knocks of day to day blasting much better than traditional aluminum clad nozzles do, dramatically reducing the chances of the operator breaking the nozzle liner.

Venturi Bore Nozzles create a wide blast pattern and increase abrasive velocity by as much as 100% for a given pressure.  Venturi nozzles are the best choice for greater productivity - especially when blasting larger surfaces.

Long venturi nozzles such as the BP200 SiAION yeild about 40% increase in productivity when compared to straight bore nozzles while abrasive consumption can be cut by approximately 40%.

How much wear is too much?  A quick test to determine the efficiency of your blast - insert a drill bit of a size that matches the original bore of the nozzle.  If there's any slop it's time to replace the nozzle, because nozzle wear means pressure loss, and for every 1psi of pressure lost there is a 1.5% reduction in blasting efficiency - i.e. only 85psi coming out of the nozzle end (rather than 100psi) will mean that you are working at only 77.5% efficiency - far more costly than replacing the nozzle.

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