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  • No Pressure Restrictions. Designed with high-flow connections, the drop in pressure is typically only 3 psi. 
  • Simple Water Controls.
    • Low Water Consumption 
      • As low as 1 pint/minute when MistBlasting
      • Simple Needle valve adjustment
      • Injects water after the metering valve, into the blast hose
    • Full Flow Washdown
      • 2 GPM when in washdown 
      • Bypasses MistBlast mode to keep your blast settings 

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BlastOne has refreshed its highly successful MistBlaster® and has released the latest generation with even more capability!

What HAS NOT changed:  

  • Industry-Leading Flexibility. 
    • The MistBlaster® is a true dry blaster with the added capability of being the best wet blaster on the market. It is not a limited-purpose dustless / slurry blaster that will sit around gathering dust most days.
  • Water and Abrasive flow is separately adjustable. Maximizes production while keeping cleanup to a minimum.
  • Reliable design.  Uses the latest generation TeraValve® metering valve on the popular 6.5CF pot chassis.  
  • Abrasive choice.  Will work with most abrasives in dry mode. In wet mode, garnet or crushed glass are recommended.

What HAS changed:

  • Enhanced functionality. 4 functions are built into the control panel (Dry Blast, Wet Blast, Wash Down, and now Blow Down)
  • Controls flexibility.  The dual deadman control system is now set up to operate either electrically or pneumatically.
  • High-Flow piping.  Air pressure regulator has been deleted and piping has been upgraded to increase nozzle pressure.

All 6.5 c.f. MistBlasters include the following as standard:

  • Single outlet TeraValve® abrasive metering valve
  • Dual electric / pneumatic controls, including deadman handle and control line
  • Industrial-strength Schmidt® VBS II Muffler

Configuration Options:

  • Wheel version – Stand-alone unit, portable configuration
  • Skid version – Stand-alone unit, mounted on a steel skid.
  • Combo Skid versions, save setup time and storage space. Available in the following configurations:
    • Combo Skid 400 cfm Dryer Options as follows: 
      • Deliquescent type (4-season / highest efficiency)
      • Aftercooler Squat type (3-season / less effective in cooler temperatures)
      • No Dryer
      • Note: Unlike dedicated slurry-type blasters, the MistBlaster is designed around a standard dry vessel.  A stand-alone air dryer is required in order to realize a full return on your investment.
    • Combo Skid Mounting Options as follows: 
      • Steel Skid
      • Steel Skid with Frame
    • Combo Skid Breathing Air Packages as follows: 
      • With Breathing Air Station (breathing air filter, carbon monoxide alarm, and 50′ breathing air line)
      • Without Breathing Air Station
    • Note:  All Combo Skid configurations include an Air Manifold with spare air ports and a 50-gallon tank. 
  • Retrofit version:  Save money by retrofitting your existing 6.5 pot (must be structurally sound).  Available in wheel or skid configurations and includes all standard MistBlaster features.
Part Number MB25000 MB60000 MB70000
Pot Volume 6.5 cu ft 6.5 cu ft 160 cu ft
Water Tank N/A 50 gal  N/A
Air Dryer No Yes No
 Breathing Air Included  Optional   Optional   No  
Outlets/Operators 1 1 4
 Input Power Dual Power (Electric & Pneumatic) Dual Power (Electric & Pneumatic) Electric
Max Compressed Air Flow 950 cfm 950 cfm 1600 cfm
Max Blast Pressure 150 psi 150 psi 150 psi
Water Dose 0-2 gpm (0-7.5 lpm) 0-2 gpm (0-7.5 lpm) 0-2 gpm (0-7.5 lpm)
Dimensions 42” x 48” x 58” (106cm x 122cm x 147cm) 72” x 47” x 60” (182cm x 120cm x 152cm) 109” x 99” x 125” (277cm x 251cm x 318cm)
Weight - Dry 548 lbs (249 kg) 2050 lbs (930 kg) 5500 lbs (2495 kg
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