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Micro Valve 3

Endurablast's range of valves are engineered to provide maximum durability and extended life. The Schmidt MV3 abrasive metering valve is part of the Endurablast range that we offer and is the newest innovation within the family of industry leading Schmidt abrasive metering valves.  The MV3 offers the proven productivity and safety advantages that schmidt valves deliver to abrasive blasting operations through;

  • Providing precise metering of abrasive
  • A heavy duty valve providing extended service life
  • An improved cleanout port
  • Maintenance beng quick and easy compared to your standard micro valve

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  • Service life is extended by further enhancements including, stainless steel machined body, abrasion resistant steel base, thick rugged steel mounting nipple.
  • Overall valve design increases the maintenance efficiency levels by controlling downtime while delivering precise control of abrasive flow.
  • Flanged style cleanout provides easy access to and from the removal of debris.
  • Virtual Position Indicator (VPI) under the knob allows for quick and consistent abrasive flow, to optimise productivity.
Comparing the MV3:
Valve Features Schmidt Micro Valve Schmidt MV2 Schmidt MV3 MV3 Benefits
Body Aluminium Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Extends valve life, especially with aggresive media
Base/Nipple Carbon steel High strength hardened steel High strength hardened steel Extends valve life, especially with aggresive media
Bolt Holes Not sealed Sealed Sealed Eliminates air leaks around bolts
Knob Pin-fastened Integrated Integrated Simplifies assembly/disassembling
Media Connection 1.1/4 Female NPT 1.1/4" Male NPT 1.1/4" Female NPT Thick rugged steel mounting nipple (included) increases valve life
Abrasive Flow Rate Normal High High Flows more abrasive (up to 2x more, depending on media type)
Virtual Position Indicator(VPI) No Yes Yes Simple to set and maintain consistent media flow rate.
Knob Adjustment Yes Yes(Large) Yes(Large) Easy to use, more compact than other handle types.  Large knob is easy to grip and adjust
Cleanout Port No Yes Yes Clear obstructions without removing/disassembling 
Maintenance Access Req'd Top, bottom Bottom Bottom Easy Access, fewer components shorten rebuild maintenance time
Body Bolt 5/16" x 3.1/4" 3/8" x 1" 3/8" x 1" Simplifies assembly/disassembly



Body: Quality Stainless Steel

Base/Nipple: High Strength, hardened steel

Sleeve: Polyurethane

Inlet media connection: 1.1/4" NPT

Piping Sizes: 1.1/4", 1.1/2"

Length: 7.1/2"

Width: 6.3/4" - 7.1/2"

Height: 5"-5.1/2"

Weight: 7.85 lbs (8.5 lbs with the steel mounting nipple)


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