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Rapijet Supa GA Garnet

Garnet is a naturally occuring mineral found as a component of some sands in Eastern India, China and Western Austrailia.  There are three types of garnet sand: Beach Garnet, River Bed garnet and Rock Garnet.  The best garnets are beach garnets as they are very hard and very clean.  River bed garnets are slightly softer and tend to dust a little on impact.  The rock garnet is the cheapest garnet and is produced through crushing rocks that have garnet deposits within them.  The effect of this crushing does produce instabilities in the structure of the rock garnet, meaning a dustier blast may take place.  

The Rapijet GA range of garnet abrasives contain quality particles that are:
Enviromentally Friendly - economic and provides little enviromental impact.

Great Blast Result - Good cut speed, good coverage and can be recycled up to 7 times.

Achieving Value For Money - Rapijet GA Garnet has a range of garnets right for every application, allowing you to get good value for money.

Higher Productivity, Lower Costs - Garnet abrasives are harder, heavier and more durable than other blasting abrasives. Rapijet GA garnet abrasives cut faster and recycle efficiently, significantly increasing productivity while reducing consumption of the abrasive media as well as the costs to handle it, collect it and dispose of it.

Superior Surface Quality - Blasting with Rapijet GA garnet abrasives produces a super clean surface with a uniform profile that is virtually free of particle embedment. A clean surface and uniform profile result in better coating adhesion and longer coating life.

Garnet is an excellent abrasive where there are environmental concerns, or where the absence of heavy metals is required in the abrasive, for instance in blasting stainless, duplex and aluminium.


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Rapijet GA Garnet is an abrasive that given the correct pressure, metering and nozzle, you can blast faster and cleaner than pretty much any other abrasive.

Available in the following mesh sizes;

20/40 mesh

30/60 mesh

80 mesh (often for waterjet)

120 mesh (often for waterjet)

.Please enquire for these, as they vary from brand to brand.

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