Innovating Safety & Productivity for the Corrosion Control Industry


A subject area that comes with many differing opinions, preferences and myths, RS Blastech think it is vitally important to get the right type of blasting abrasive for your speciaif application. Mismatching the abrasive to your workpiece, using the wrong size of abrasive or using poor quality abrasive can dramatically affect your bottom line and the finish will only be as good as your surface preparation and the quality of your abrasive.

With this in mind, RS Blastech provides over eight quality RapiJet abrasives for surface preparation, surface finishing and corrosion control for a variety of different industry sectors including oil & gas, marine, structural steel fabrication, water infrastructure and mining. From best sellers such as garnet and aluminium oxide to steel shot, steel grit and crushed glass.

Our RapiJet abrasives are essential for high quality surface preparation and our experienced technical engineers will help you assess your blasting requirements and will advise the best type(s) of RapiJet shot abrasive for your specific application requirements. You are also welcome to visit one of our test and demonstration centres in Aberdeen or Glasgow, where we hold supplies of abrasive media of all types, to analyse which one is the best fit for your blasting application.